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The very word “invent” is derived from the Latin invenire, and means to “find” and hence to find something by “seeking” it. In the latter case the word itself hints at some foreknowledge of what you are going to find.

—Carl G. Jung

The artist’s eye should always be turned in upon his inner life, and his ear should be always alert for the voice of inward necessity. This is the only way of giving expression to what the mystic vision commands.

—Wassily Kandinsky


 “The Beginner’s Guide to the Ottoman Afterlife” presents the art and craft of furniture upholstery through stop motion animation and vintage spirit. Made by Fort Ripper a husband and wife duo from Portland, Oregon.

The stories you tell yourself to fall asleep, those fantasies, those are a good place to start when looking for a metaphor for a personal issue. Also, the first moment you’re awake, that’s a great time for ideas to just pop into your head. In this almost-awake state, inspiration and clean connections just seem to happen. Mid-day, you might try taking a shower. That’s always good for relaxing your mind to a near dream-state. Great ideas happen while washing dishes, too. Stephen King writes in the shower. Katherine Dunn writes while swimming laps. Like sleeping, these tasks seem to allow… something… to happen. So it helps to keep a notepad beside the bed, and in the bathroom. Also, long, boring car drives – without the radio playing – are good for creating this same kind of “trance” that allows ideas to form.

— Chuck Palahniuk  (via thatkindofwoman)

(Source: chuckpalahniuk, via thatkindofwoman)

Rhye / The Fall

Looking at some music videos for inspiration on short narratives

Ingredients for Tom Kha (at Summit Slope Park)

Ingredients for Tom Kha (at Summit Slope Park)

How to make Bibimbap

How to make Bibimbap